The Morville Group of Churches

The Morville Group of churches consists of five ancient, grade 1 listed village places of worship, one of which is not in use and cared for by The Churches Conservation Trust, but the other four are active.  Services are ministered by a priest-in-charge and two retired priests, which together with active lay participation, provide regular and varied worship.  The churches are all of Norman or earlier construction, well maintained and contributing fully to the deanery quota.  In 2008 The Rector of Bridgnorth was appointed Priest-in-Charge.

Monkhopton with Upton Cressett
St Peter's Monkhopton and St Michael's Upton Cressett

Acton Round
Church of St Mary the Virgin

Aston Eyre
Aston Eyre

The Church of St Gregory the Great

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