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Following the creation of the benefice of Bridgnorth and Morville Parishes in 2016, the team council established a small working party to review costs and best practice across the 9 parishes and two church halls in the benefice. This review started with consideration of accounts information and has also worked on areas where common practise could be beneficial. The work is now being published as guidelines on the web site to provide easy access. In all cases the guides are advisory and PCCs retain local discretion.

The work undertaken has been presented to the representatives of the PCCs at the Team Council and, where approved, circulated to the parishes via the PCC Secretary. This process will continue.

The guides are the intellectual property of Bridgnorth and Morville Parishes Team Ministry. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the guides, changes to information and advice frequently occur and no responsibility can be accepted for errors or omissions. In cases of doubt reference should always be made to source documentation as listed or as relevant to the topic.

The working party are keen to hear from Bridgnorth and Morville parishes on any additional information they can contribute on the topics. Should a PCC member have expertise on an area of common interest across the benefice, the working party would be pleased to hear from them so that their expertise can be shared.

Bridgnorth & Morville Parishes Team Ministry

Costs and Best Practises Working Party

Jan 2018



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