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St. James’ Hall Church

Covid-19 Safety - Guidance or Hall Users

For re-opening September 2020

The Management Committee of St. James’ Hall Church has taken the following steps to ensure that the building is as safe as practical for you to resume your regular hiring when you are ready to do so:-


1.    We have revised our standard Risk Assessment to include assessment of specific Covid-19 risks; the results are attached and displayed on our webpage of the Bridgnorth Team Ministry’s website.


2.         During lockdown, our contract cleaners have undertaken a “Deep Clean” of the entire interior of the hall, toilets, offices and kitchen facilities. Hand Sanitiser points have been installed in the foyer and in the Hall, in addition to the handwashing facilities in the toilets and kitchen; all these will be maintained.


3.         The Bookings Manager will re-schedule hirers’ times to minimise groups overlapping and to allow for cleaning (see 4f below)


4.         To minimise risks of infection spread, we ask that all hirers observe the following:-


            a)            Ask groups to attend only a few minutes before your start time, to queue following the social distancing markers provided outside while earlier groups leave, and at the end, to leave promptly, avoiding other groups waiting to enter;


            b)           Ask group members to use the Hand Sanitisers on entry and before leaving, and to use the hand-washing facilities in the toilets and kitchen whenever these facilities are used, disposing of the used paper towels in the bins provided;


            c)            Ask group members to maintain 2m social distancing wherever possible, ideally facing the same direction, not facing each other. For groups where supporting adults also attend in the background, you may consider asking that only one adult attends per participant, and that they are at a suitable distance from other participants.


            d)           Consider asking attenders to use face-coverings or masks as appropriate (e.g. parents attending young children’s activities, carers attending activities for vulnerable adults.) N.B. It is not required for those participating in exercise, as it may restrict efficient breathing unduly; however, as there is therefore an increased  risk of droplet infection, the social distancing measures are even more important then. If possible, conduct your activities with at least one window open on each side of the hall to facilitate fresh air flow.


            e)            Insist that group members are scrupulous about not attending if they or any member of their household experiences Covid-19 symptoms, and to advise you as Hirer of this as soon as they are aware of it. They should also contact NHS Test & Trace for specific advice. (See 4h below)


            f)            At the end of each session, please leave any chairs & tables that your group has used stacked at the far end of the hall; this will identify them to other groups as having been in use, so that they should use others from the Chair Store as needed.  Any chairs & tables left in that position will be cleaned thoroughly by our contract cleaners.


            g)            Please conduct your own Covid-19 risk assessment for your use of St. James’ Hall, and check with the relevant professional advisory body for your activity for any additional guidelines relating to your particular activity, particularly regarding permitted numbers attending.


            h)           To support NHS Test & Trace, as Hirers, you have the responsibility for keeping records of who attends each of your sessions. We recommend that you:-


 i) keep securely (re: Data Protection regulations) a permanent, current list of your members’ names, contact phone numbers and ideally e-mail addresses;


ii) ask all your group members who have “smart” phones AND are signed up to the NHS Test & Trace Service to scan the Hall’s QR code displayed in the hall each time they attend; you should also maintain an attendance checklist of those who attend each dated session who do not have “smart” phones or who are not signed up to the service, each session list being retained by you securely for at least 3 weeks; (N.B. You are perfectly entitled to maintain complete attendance lists – according to normal GDR procedures - for longer than this if required for your business purposes.)


iii)  ensure that all your members know your contact name and number;


-This will ensure that, should any group member be contacted by Test & Trace because they have been in touch elsewhere with a Covid-19 positive case, they can give your name & number to Test & Trace, and you can then pass on your group members’ contact details if needed. (N.B. If this happens, please also inform the Bookings Manager, as it may be necessary to close the hall temporarily for a further deep clean)


We hope that these measures will enable you to resume your group activities safely and enjoyably.


St. James’ Hall Church Management Committee

September 2020

St James’ has a rich place in the history of the Grove and Lodge Farm, as a place of worship and hosting community events - meeting the community's needs in the name of Christ. With the refurbishment of the Hall Church (in 2013) we want to develop our relationships with the community and work together to explore the place of church in the community today.

We are thankful to God for all that has gone before, and for the recent developments that we see.  We believe God is doing a new thing and we seek to join in with all that God is doing. 

We seek to be a Christ-centred community founded on prayer, developing relationships with those in the community, and drawing them to Christ and a life of discipleship. We seek to be church that grows organically from within the community, with a willingness to live in faith, and to take risks, recognising that this needs a willingness to make mistakes as well as celebrate success. Building relationships with each other and community.  Christ centred rather than church centred, a community focussed on Jesus and belonging to the wider community - making disciples, rather than just establishing a new service, be church rather than at church.

Weekly events

Thursdays 4.00pm to 6.00pm  Youth Club for School Years 5-8, Games, creating food and fun!


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