Mothers Union

A Remarkable Organisation called ‘Mothers’ Union’

Mothers’ Union has about 4 million members across the world in over 80 countries with a membership of about 100,000 in the UK.

Mothers’ Union is a Christian Organisation which is a part of the Anglican Church. Though our lives and experience of Mothers’ Union may differ widely depending on where we live, we are all joined together by our shared belief in the importance of prayer and family values.

In the 21st Century Mothers’ Union is involved in campaigning and lobbying on worldwide issues, such as parental rights, international debt relief and child poverty. We have a seat on the Committee at the United Nations when women’s issues are being debated. Also the MU is consulted by the Government regarding family matters and the difficulties faced by our members.

Links to Mothers’ Union websites can be found here:

National website

Hereford Diocese >churchgoers/Mothers’ Union